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Traditional wood-fired sauna located in South Wales, in the beautiful surroundings of Candleston woods, a 100-acre woodland just a short walk from the sand dunes of Merthyr Mawr.


Cold water

We have a cold shower, cold drench bucket, and our immersion pods to help you experience the benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy at our sauna. Choose your level of chill!

Nature immersion

Our woodland setting has such a positive impact on us - and we know it will on you too! The benefit of grounding, and physically interacting with the nature that we are part of is becoming widely recognised. Touch the trees and feel the ground on your feet - we know your mind and body will thank you for it

Private & Communal sessions

We offer private sessions for groups of up to 6 people, and communal sessions where individual spots are booked to share the sauna with the community


  • What shall I wear?
    Swimwear with no metal fastenings (as this can get hot in the sauna and cause injury). Please also remove metal jewellery. We recommend arriving with your swimwear on under your clothes to make the most of your time slot as changing time is part of your session duration.
  • What shall I bring?
    Swimwear - we recommend arriving with this on 2 towels - 1 for sitting on in the sauna and 1 for drying off afterwards Drinking water - in a non-metal bottle if you wish to take it into the sauna Slip on footwear - e.g. flip flops Warm clothing for afterwards A changing robe (optional)
  • Is there a changing area?
    There is a small changing area between the sauna entrance and sauna room itself. This is not a private space. There is also a toilet area available nearby. Please note that changing time is included within your session duration so we recommend arriving in swimwear to make the most of your slot, and ask that you are mindful of the next booking if you would like to use the changing area at the end of your session, doing this within your booked slot.
  • Can I be naked in the sauna?
    We ask that everyone wears swimwear for the sessions.
  • Where can I park?
    There is ample free parking available for sauna customers. Check out our Location page for more information.
  • Can I pay onsite?
    We require all bookings and payments to be made online before attending a sauna session.
  • Do I stay in the sauna for the whole time slot?
    No, not at all. We recommend staying in the sauna for 3 - 15 mins at a time. This will depend on many factors, so it's best to listen to your body. If you're a new sauna user, it's best to start small, maybe 3-5 mins at a time. You can cool off between sessions by stepping outside. We have a cold shower, drench bucket, and cold immersion pods next to the sauna. Again, please listen to your body and experience level when it comes to using these.
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Unfortunately we don't sell gift cards. This is because we have only secured this sauna site until the end of March 2024, and we are concerned that gift cards may not get used before then, and don't want people to lose out.

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